 Parents are requested to pay school fees in time .
 They are requested to provided uniform ,books, and stationary as prescribed by the school to
their wards well in time.
 Parents should encourage their wards to maintain regular attendance in the school.
 They are requested to attend PTM and note the progress of their wards in studies and their over all development
 Parent must sign the progress report of their ward and take remedial
deficiency if any .
 Attending the morning school assembly is compulsory for all students.
 Parent must check that in the class their wards are maintaining, cleanliness and neatness in his/her personal habit, uniform, text, books, exercise books etc.
 The name of the class and section of the students should be clearly marked on  all the belongings of the students .The school accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss of valuable brought to the school . Parents are requested not to give any valuable to their ward.
 Guardians of girls are advised not to allow their wards to wear or bring any jewelry during the school time.
 In case of any infectious disease in your home, please report the fact  to the principal and do not send your ward to the class till the infection is over.
 Guardians are not allowed to meet teachers  without the permission of the principal.
 Guardians must intimate the school about any change in their address and telephone numbers at the earliest in order to
communicate to them in urgent matters in respect of their children.
 Giving tip to the employees of the school will be seriously viewed.
 Parents cooperation is required to ensure overall development of their child.