Code Of conduct for the students

  • Every Student must carry his/her diary and identity card to school each day
  • All Student should come to the school regularly and punctually.
  • No Student will be alloed to leave the school primises once he/she has come to school,in any case
    any student required
  • Leaving the school premises during the school hours ,the parent are requested to submit an
    application to the principle.
  • Application for leave should be entered in the diary itself.
  • The student will come to school in prescribed neat and ironed uniform.
  • They will Bring the books according to the time table to school.
  • The student have to do their home\work given in each subject guardians are requested to sign.
    the diary daily after checking it properls and throngats
  • No student should cause to damage any school furniture and building.
  • Student Should bring the text books or library book as per the prescribed their table.
  • The School provide necessary material for sport activities during the game period.

 The school reserve the right to suspend a student if his/her conduct is found to be
 No student shall indulge in any of the following practice.
 Spitting in or near the school property
 Disfiguring or damaging school property
 Rude behaviour and use odd abusive Language
 Use of violence in any form